February 4, 2016

Monthly SEO



mothly SEO


Unlike other internet “gurus” we will not tell you that you will rank highly in five days and stay there for the rest of your life. You probably know that SEO is a complicated process that takes time and effort to build and rank your blog/website. Let’s be honest here!

I know that the question you have in your mind is: Why i should trust some random website i.e. seoforblogs.co?

What is the difference between this monthly service and those offered by others?

Well for starters, 90% of low cost SEO services use auto-generated spun content that is not really readable and is only good for a short period of time. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, Google is a lot smarter these days than it was two years ago. It only takes a few weeks to detect that you are ranking from bad content sites. What will happen next? Well, you will be penalized immediately and your keyword ranking will immediately drop. All that hard work goes down the drain! Believe it or not, once you are blacklisted, it is even worse than your default position.

The second reason is much more simpler – people won’t click on your links because the content does not make any sense! And just like for the first reason, you’ll be in a far worse position than where you were before. What a disaster!

Let me give you an example to illustrate my point:

Original sentence: You should do cardio whenever you can!

Spun sentence: You whenever would do cardio you can!

Now that’s just ONE sentence. Imagine if the whole article was spun, or if a few articles were mixed together! What do you get? CHAOS!!!

Another thing that many SEO services are doing poorly is that they treat every blog/website the same. For example, let’s say that you have a blog about dogs, which you plan to monetize  via ad-sense or similar ad services. If the SEO service does not check your blog, they will make a video or post somewhere that you sell German Shepherds. This may not, in itself, affect your ranking. However, someone may think that you are producing false advertisements, and labelling you as a spammer. There goes your reputation!





 Step One:  Keyword Research and On-page Recommendation

Analyzing your posts, then searching for relevant keywords for each post using multiple tools. After analyzing your blog/website we will create On-page SEO suggestions for implementing on your blog/website.

Step Two: Competition Research and Posting

Providing list of competitive sites (up to 15 sites). Then we will be checking for their back-links and performing “do-follow” tests in order to post links that directly link to your site.

 Step Three:


Link building


We have ever changing link building scheme due constant changing of platforms so your site will always be protected.

Here is how our back-linking works:




In Tier A we are creating unlimited properties:
Social Network Site Submissions
Web 2.0 Article Sites
Social Bookmarking Submissions
PDF and Document Sharing Sites
Web 2.0 Profile Links
Press Release Submissions
RSS Link Promotion

On Tier B You will get your Buffer Sites. These sites will be manually created and most likely contain web 2.0 properties. From creation they will be PA 25+ DA 90+ PR9. Each month you will get up to 4 of these sites, created from a different IP address and different email addresses. Tier B will be completely manually created and SEO optimized. The content will be written by professional writers manually.



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Q – How long you take to improve my ranking?

We have achieved ranking within just one month for many clients but it could take 90 days or more depending on many factors like keyword competition, website age etc etc. However you will see a steady improvement in your ranking.

Q – Who is this service for?

This service is for people who :

  • want to completely outsource their SEO and link building
  • want to improve their rankings
  • want to maintain their current ranking.

Q – What are the parameters for keyword research?

  • Minimum 1000 local searches
  • Overlooked Keywords
  • Non-Optimized Competition

Q – Is it Penguin/Panda safe?

Yes. We comply with Panda, Penguin 1, Penguin 2.0 and any other Google animal update. In fact we have ranked many sites that were penalized by google. The entire monthly SEO service is spread throughout the month to make it natural and effective.